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R.A.V. Services Inc., was started on January 1st, 1989 by Robert Van Deventer
and Thomas Staub. R.A.V. Services Inc. is a Freight Forwarder, a licensed U.S.
Customs House Broker, and an IATA Member.

Before starting R.A.V. Services Inc., I, Thomas Staub, was with one of the largest International
Freight Forwarders in the World. I held the position of Vice President and General
Manager of the USA Air Freight division. For 16 years I worked for them throughout the
world gaining experience in Europe, South America, and the USA.

Bob Van Deventer had 12 years experience in International Freight Forwarding before
starting R.A.V. Services Inc. He was the Airfreight Manager of a large International Freight
Forwarder where he made numerous contacts throughout the world. He is also a licensed
Customs House Broker.

In 1994 R.A.V. Services Inc. joined together with Interfreight Chicago, and Boston and
started the Interfreight Group of Companies. All our offices are managed by experienced
International Freight Forwarders and Customs House Brokers. Prior to joining the Interfreight
organization, all managers held executive positions with major International companies.

In 1996 Interfreight USA opened Interfreight Brazil which now has offices in Rio de
Janeiro, Sao Paulo, and Bello Horizonte.

In 1999 Interfreight opened offices in Miami!!!

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