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All of the documents linked here are Portable Document Format files (PDFs). You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to view PDF files. Adobe has FREE Acrobat Reader software available that you can download for Macintosh, Windows, DOS, and Sun UNIX systems.
Some of these PDF files do not view well on the screen, though they were made with the best available copy. Viewing them at 125% increases readibility. You can also print copies of the PDF files, and these printed copies will be in excellent condition.

Customs Power of Attorney - PDF Form (14 Kb)
Export Power of Attorney - PDF Form (45 Kb)
Form 3299 - Declaration for free entry of unaccompanied articles - PDF Form (664 Kb - 2 pages)
Export letter/SLI - PDF Form (110 Kb)
Terms and Condition - PDF Form (236 Kb)
B/L Terms and Condition - PDF Form (282 Kb)
FMC Rules and Tariff - PDF Form (206 Kb)
Airfreight condition of AWB contract - PDF Form (642 Kb)
CBP Form 5106 Importer Identity Form - PDF Form (1162 Kb)
IRS Proof of import number - PDF Form (267 Kb)
Interfreight Code of Conduct - PDF Form (26 Kb)

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